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Gota Village Resort

Experience a stay like no other with peaceful surroundings and greenery.

Caramoan Paniman Beach

Beaches are always our number one priority and a good way to unwind the built up stress.

 Surviving Caramoan

An Island which is mostly untouched can be the right place to help feed you adrenaline.

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Caramoan Island

This Beautiful Island is fit for both adventure junkies and peace lover. This Island gives you the experience like other. A place where you can unwind and enjoy nature in its raw form.

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  • Who doesn’t love travelling! It’s not only a relocation but an exploration , an adventure and also a rejuvenation of oneself! You don’t only explore a place but also yourself. But travelling comes with several responsibilities starting from packing to covering everything in your trip. This article aims at providing you a better and smoother trip with some simple yet crucial tips. Go through these and you will never have to panic about the side effects of travelling! Make a list of essential items
    This is the first and foremost concern of travelling which we most often tend to ignore and regret later. Before starting to pack you need to reconcile which things to pack and which not.
    Check out budget friendly lodges or travel hostels
    When you are travelling on a tight budget you can always check into travellers hostels. Here you can share rooms with others and cut a slack on your lodging expenditure.
    Take advantage of airport or railway luggage stores
    If you plan to explore a city on one day basis you don’t need to check in a hotel. Simply keep your luggage in the storage rooms of airport or railways station and roam around the city. These are safe and economic.
    Carry light foods and snacks
    Don’t stop for food and carry light snacks so that you never lack energy. Energy bars are most essential in this regard.
    Thoroughly recognize your hotel information
    Before checking in thoroughly explore your hotel information such as its certification, location etc.
    Convert into right currency
    When you are travelling to a different continent you better convert your currency right from your embassy. This will help you not to get into trouble once you are on street.
    Know the laws of the city state
    Every city state has its own protocols. Before venturing out it’s a good practice to know the basics of these protocols. You don’t need to go through big fat law books , but some basic idea about car parking , littering , spitting , emergency numbers etc. always come in handy.
    Drink enough water
    It’s essential to stay hydrated while travelling. Don’t ignore this point no matter how much immersed you are into your trip.
    Travel light
    This is a crucial point. You don’t need to carry everything that you own in your trip. Here’s a basic idea of what you should carry : Documents like identity card , visa and passport. Sunscreen and light cosmetics Warm or light clothes according to the weather Right pair of shoes Umbrella or rain coat for precaution

    And you are all set to go! It’s even better if you can carry the cosmetics in little pouch rather than big fat tubs!
    Mark your bags
    Always add your name tag on the bags and if you are carrying multiple bags (which is not always preferable) name according to the contents. This will help you to find stuffs even more easily. Wish you a hassle free trip ahead!