How to download android apps for PC

How To Download Android Apps For PC?

The amount of applications we have for Android are, I suppose infinity. I mean even google would not even have count of the number of applications we can find on Google Play Store. And not are these applications user friendly and aesthetic pleasing but are so efficient and effective that they have become an integral part of our everyday functioning.

And this is one of the main reasons why we want to run the same applications running on our PC, so that we can sync the data of the app and would not need our phone and turn into procrastinating while working. 

While some or most of these applications have a separate version for Windows OS for easy access on PCs but then again there are quite a lot of apps which would not run on PC directly. So here we are backing you up with a few tried and tested ways to get those all apps running on your PC too.

There are many other apps which are available to download on PC through third party websites. You need to know which one is trusted and which one is fake. 

Ways to Download Android Apps on PC

Official Method

This way is pretty basic and common among just everyone. You can search the APKs, for your respective desired application, that are compatible with Windows 10/7/8 or whichever version of Windows OS you have on your device.

The apps which are common and popular will have APKs on chrome but for uncommon or rarer apps the APKs are mostly not available or are fake which will expose the chances of virus in your device and is generally not advisable. You just have to visit the official website of that application and you will receive the respective link. 

Android Emulator

This is the most used and trusted way to run all android applications on Windows for free. And there are a number of Android Emulators present on the internet which you can access for freehand most of them won’t even ask you to make an account or something. 

If in any case you are wondering what are android emulators then, android emulators are the softwares that are designed to imitate Android OS features into your PC. 

The process to download an android emulator in your PC is quite easy as you just have to download the .EXE and install it.

Some of the effective and popular Android Emulators are –

  • BlueStacks – definitely the most talked about Android Emulator which works with any Window hardware
  • Gameloop – as the name suggest, mostly used by gamers for gaming applications and is the fastest certainly
  • LDPlayer – the latest one in the list and famous among gamers
  • MEmu Play – a popular and featureful option to choose
  • Nox Player –  a lot of features than just gaming and is quite simple to work with
  • Genymotion – good for developers to test their application for cross platform performance

For smooth working of Android Emulators, you need to change settings of your PC’s BIOS settings.

The one point which can tag this way as unsuccessful is that these emulators do not work on latest android versions. If you have an android version previous or Android 9.0 then you are fine to go, but if your android is above that then you might not be able to work with it.

Mirror Your Phone

The latest feature of Windows is that you can mirror your Phone on your Windows easily through the feature called “Your Phone”. This features works like this,

  •  Download ‘Your Phone Companion’ app on your respective android
  • Then follow the instructions it asks to do on your PC and your android
  • And that is it.

Your phone is now mirrored on your PC. everything you do there will be visible on your PC and you can access your Android apps directly from your PC too.

This process is a clean and simple way to get your job done without scratching your head downloading and setting up the multiple softwares here and there. 

But one thing to note is that it works averagely, if you are looking for just a basic solution this will suit just fine, but in case of gaming and constant work it may lag and the graphics may disrupt at time.

How to download android apps for PC

The APK Downloader

Another great alternative to refer is “the apk downloader”. This is a chrome extension which aids downloading and installing apk files to softwares in your PC. the steps involved to get started are listed below –

  • Open the chrome browser and go to chrome extensions site
  • From the list of extensions available, download the one that say ‘APK Downloader’.
  • Once you are done till here, now go to your desktop and right click the Google Chrome shortcut probably present there(or wherever you might have kept it)
  • Click on properties button
  • Now select the shortcuts tab and write “–ignore-certificate-errors-allow-running-insecure-content” at the end of target box after leaving a space after ‘chrome.exe’
  • Now click OK/Apply whichever is present there.
  • Now close the chrome application and reopen it
  • Now fill up the details in the Extension’s option page
  • And that is it. Now go and access the play store and download the applications you want with the help of the APK Downloader.

There are opinions that this extension has stopped working on some devices or versions of Chrome, so check if it still works fine on your PC. if you have older versions of Chrome then that increases the chances of this way to work.


These were the most profound and common ways adopted by us and people at large to run their favourite Android apps on their PC hasslefree. You should always try to follow the official version of the apps designed specifically for the Windows OS, but in case you have to work with an app not having the official version for Windows OS, you can go through the ways suggested and explained in the article above.

Although these are safe ways, make sure to keep your Antivirus running when downloading any APK or link from an untrusted site so that you don’t end up losing your complete data just to get one application.

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